Astros vs Red Sox

Astros vs Red Sox: On Wednesday, October 17, 2008 (10/17/18) in the fourth game at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, the Boston Red Sox led the US National Championship. UU Series 7-1 to 2 More than 1 ahead of the Houston Astros.

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Rick Porcello will be the starting pitcher for the Red Sox against Charlie Morton of the Astros.

Another thread of overflow because it is the type of game. Sox has two main positions in the bottom of the seventh inning. Grab your ass.

In the fourth game of the US Championship Series of 2018, the Boston Red Sox defeated the Houston Astros 8-6 on Wednesday night. With the victory, the Red Sox now lead the seven series with a 3-1 lead. The two sides will play another game in Houston. Thursday is approaching. It is likely that this game will make the Red Sox enter the World Series tickets, wait for the Milwaukee Brewers – Los Angeles Dodgers Champions National League Championship Series. The Dodgers lead the series 3-1.

Here are the 4th ALCS games you need to know.

Bradley is famous again
Jackie Bradley Jr. hit .234 / .314 / .403 during the regular season with 13 homers and 59 hits. In the match between ALDS and the New York Yankees, he scored 12 points with a score of 3:12. Wow, he made the fifth game with only two hits in the 10 ALCS attempts.

However, Bradley continued making his punches. In the second game, he managed a double double with a score of three points, in the third game he hit a Grand Slam, in the fourth game he played two rounds of home runs:

Red Sox 8, Astros 6: Sox wins a wild game, leading 3-1
Fourth overflow thread ALCS: Red Sox vs. Astros
ALCS Game 4: Red Sox vs. Astros
Chris Sale will not let the fifth game begin.
The fourth lineup of the Red Sox Astros: Yesterday was very big. It may be better today.
We are still waiting for J.D. Martínez

“I thought I had a good jump. It didn’t hit hard, I think I can catch him. I worked very well for him, ”said Benincendi after the fourth game. “Of course, I know that he is dead or dead. I do not know if I know that this may be a rebound, then there will be no pigeons. It’s very close.

You may know the frequency of the strike. Statcast gives an approximate value (based on variables that you may not want to read at this time): 79%. This problem is another 21%.

“I think if you need to consider the route (when to dive or when to dive), it’s already too late,” added Benintendi. “I am set up for diving. I think it will end no matter what the game is, even if I missed the game. ”

In fact, if the ball crosses Beningi, the game can end – the speed of contact of the runners and the fast Tony Kemp represent the first basic victory. This is either an exciting game of capture, or a heartbreaking walking trio. This is a risk. The reward is to finish the game and throw it as a hero. This is the current reality of Beninndi.

“I gave him a kiss after the game, just on the cheek,” Brockholt said after the game. “I said thank you.”

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